WimLabs announces WimTVPro 2.5 – Torino (IT), 2013/05/30

WimLabs announces the availability of a radically improved version of WimTVPro, a plug-in for the Drupal and WordPress CMSs.

Read below to know why a designer/manager of a web site based on a WordPress or Drupal CMS should use WimTVPro.

  1. Download WimTVPro from , you install it, you run it and go
  2. Register with WimTV
  3. Choose a storage/bandwidth package, possibly a free one
  4. Upload videos to WimTV
  5. Create your Web TV
  6. Post your videos, create play lists
  7. Set access criteria for your fans or customers
  8. Decide how you want to stream your videos: for free or as pay per view
  9. Cash the amount paid by your customer (minus WimTV share and PayPal commission
  10. Go to the WimTV marketplace and get the videos you need at the conditions offered by the seller if you do not have enough videos yourself
  11. Stream a live event from your WimTVPro console, in free or pay mode, with the same revenue sharing arrangement of point 9.
  12. Use an external producer or a web producer to stream your events
  13. Stream a live event organized by a third party by defining the revenue sharing ratio between you and the event organiser
  14. Get automatically the on-demand version of a live-streamed event at the end
  15. Watch on demand and live videos WimView, an app for Smart TV and  Android (iOS is coming soon)
  16. Get a personalized player and access stats
  17. Embed your videos – both on demand and live – on any web site.

You can already do a lot with WimTVPro. But this is not an end point because many new features are in the pipeline.

I do not want to spoil your surprise but the next news is the possibility to create a live video programs, i.e. a television on the web, whose components cab be on demand and live videos…

Leonardo chairs the MPEG workshop at HD Forum Conference 2013 – St Vincent (IT), 2013/05/10

The workshop addressed some of the most relevant technologies being standardised by MPEG. This is the programme




Leonardo Chiariglione


A ¼ century of MPEG: looking at the future while learning from the past

Paola Sunna

Centro Ricerche e Innovazione Tecnologica RAI

HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) e AVC (Advanced Video Coding): la sfidadellecodifiche

Giovanni Ballocca

Marco Grangetto

Sisvel Technology

Università di Torino

3DTV oggi e domani: i trend nell’industria e negli standard

Diego Gibellino

Telecom Italia

La distribuzione dei contenuti per servizi video OTT: gli standard MPEG DASH e CENC

Francesco Gallo

Walter Allasia


La preservazione dei contenuti digitali multimediali: il lavoro dell’MPEG ad hoc group Multimedia Preservation

Gianluca Francini

Telecom Italia

Descrittori compatti per la ricerca visiva (MPEG CDVS)



WimLabs presents its services and apps at SMAU – Torino (IT), 2013/05/08-09

WimLabs displayed its array of WimTV apps, plugins and services at SMAU Torino (Lingotto Fiere, Padiglione 1 – Stand B 48)

  • WimLance – an app to request and provide videos with given features – and pay/be paid for it. Works on Android/iOS
  • WimLive – a service to live stream your or a third-party’s events – with revenue sharing
  • WimTrade – a service to offer/buy video content rights
  • WimTVPro – a plugin for Drupal/WordPress to do on your site almorst everything you can do on the WimTV site
  • WimView – an app for Android/Smart TV to browse and view WimTV videos
  • WimVod – a service to manage your webTV amd stream your videos free or pay
  • WimHost – a service for bulk-hosting of your video material

WimLabs announces WimView for Android – Torino (IT), 2012/08/31

WimLabs announces release of WimView, an Android app that lets users browse through WimTV WebTVs, select a WebTV, browse through its videos, select a video and play it. Go to Google Play Store to download the app. A new distribution channel is available to those running a WebTV on WimTV and another reason for opening one if you have not yet done so.