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Opacity or transparency?

By publishing its Manifesto, MPAI has made clear in a few sentences its strategic analysis of the AI industry, what will be its action points and why they will provide benefits. #1 Applications using AI are extending in scope and performance. the AI industry is one of the fastest growing industries. #2 The industry is not developing as fast as it could because there are hurdles. The first is the fact that the AI application development model is based on…

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AI-based Data Coding Standardization

Use of technologies based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) is extending to diverse applic­ations yielding one of the fastest-grow­ing markets in the data analysis and service sector. However, AI is developing more slowly than necessary because it lacks operational reference standards compar­able to those that have propelled digital media. Moving Picture, Audio and Data Coding by Artificial Intelligence (MPAI) has identified data coding as a promising area for standardisation. MPAI considers the “AI module” (AIM) and its inter­faces as the AI…

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