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Looking forward to MPAI’s 12th General Assembly

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MPAI’s 12th General Assembly (MPAI-12) is not going to be like any of the other previous 12 General Assemblies (MPAI was established at MPAI-0) and the the reason is simple to explain. So far MPAI has made big announcements about its plans to develop AI-based data coding standards. In less than two weeks it plans on releasing the first three standards. At its last General Assembly (MPAI-11), it actually published the WDs of the working drafts of the three standards for “Community Comments”.

Comments are flowing in, and this article serves the purpose of briefly describing the content of the 3 standards and reminding the community that the deadline for comments is close (20 September).

The first standard is “Governance of the MPAI Ecosystem” (MPAI-GWE). Standards have powerful effects and MPAI Standard create an Ecosystem whose actors are:

  1. Implementers: develop Implementations,
  2. Performance Assessors: assess the Performance of Implementations, i.e., their Reliability, Robustness, Replicability and Fairness,
  3. MPAI Store: verifies security, tests Conformance and checks the positive outcome of Performance of Implementations
  4. End Users download and enjoy Implementations.

A system of this complexity requires governance and Governance of the MPAI Ecosystem lays down the rules that the above actors shall follow.

WD0.4 of MPAI-GME is available for Community Comments.

The second standard is “Compression and Understanding of Industrial data” (MPAI-CUI). Unlike MPAI-GME which is a system standard, MPAI-CUI is an application standard that contains one use case called AI-based Company Performance Prediction. By extracting key information from the flow of data produced by companies – currently financial and organisational data – and vertical risks – currently seismic and cyber – MPAI-CUI enables users to predict default probability and business discontinuity probability of a company.

WD0.4 of MPAI-CUI is available for Community Comments.

The third standard is “Multimodal Conversation” (MPAI-MMC), an application standard containing 5 use cases making possible a slate of applications enabling industry to accelerate the availability of products, services and applications such as: holding an audio-visual conversation with a machine impersonated by a synthetic voice and an animated face; requesting and receiving information via speech about a dis­played object; inter­preting speech to one, two or many languages using a synthetic voice that preser­ves the features of the human speech.

WD0.4 of MPAI-MMC is available for Community Comments.

These are just the starters of the rich menu of MPAI-12. After the 30th of September, look at the blog of the MPAI web site for a full report.