So far, communication standards have been handled in an odd way. They are meant to serve the needs of millions, if not billions of people, still the decisions about what the standards should do are left in the hands of people who, no matter how many, are not billions, not millions, not even thousands. This is the reason why MPAI likes to call itself, as the domain extension says, a “community”… read more
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MPAI faces two main challenges to achieve its mission. The first comes from MPAI’s definition of “data” and the other of “data coding”. Together they imply that the area covered by MPAI is broad and the number of standards large. Read how MPAI faces the problem and participate in refining the requirements of MPAI-AIF, likely the first MPAI area to reach standard project status… read more

The Mule appeared in 1988: silos fell into pieces,  collaboration became the rule, a flat and liquid organisation was created in a hierarchical, feudalchaotichypocriticalobtuse and incompetent organisation,  allowing the industry to yield a devices and services turnover of 1.5 T$ per annum.

That is past, now the future… read more

MPAI launches 6 standard projects

MPAI-AIF – Artificial Intelligence Framework
MPAI-CAE – Context-based Audio Enhancement
MPAI-GSA – Integrative Genomic/Sensor Analysis
MPAI-EVC – AI-Enhanced Video Coding
MPAI-SPG – Server-based Predictive Multiplayer Gaming
MPAI-MMC – Multi-Modal Conversationread more

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