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One year ago – an idea is born

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19 July 2020:  the idea of MPAI

Moving Picture, Audio and Data Coding by Artificial Intelligence has a twofold mission:

  • to develop standards for compression of video, audio and data, and
  • to bridge the gap between its standards and their practical use.

19 July 2021: MPAI is not just an idea

This is how far we’ve come

  • MPAI established as a formal organisation based in Geneva
  • 40 members
  • Standard development process adopted
  • 10 standards projects under way
  • 4 standards under development
  • Governance of MPAI ecosystem being developed

19 July 2022: where we want to be

  • 10 standards approved
  • 4 standards in the market
  • The MPAI store is running