Leonardo closes DMP brainstormig day – San José, CA (US), 2014/01/11

The Digital Media Project (DMP), founded in 2003, has developed Interoperable DRM Platform specifications (http://www.dmpf.org/specs/index.php) designed to respond to the needs of all players in the digital media value chain. Recently the DMP has commissioned an implementation of its Open Connected Television (OCTV) specification (see http://octv.dmpf.org/). The source code is available to DMP members for commercial exploitation.

the Board of Directors had decided to convene a brainstorming meeting of DMP members and interested experts in San José, CA on 2014/01/11 on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the DMP. Purpose of the meeting was to discuss a 24 months work plan, with a high-profile milestone after 12 months, that leverages the DMP assets (specifications and software) and addresses new challenges in line with the DMP mission (http://www.dmpf.org/statutes.php#E9E5).

There were 7 presentations at the brainstorming day:.

Leonardo Chiariglione The Digital Media Project Goals – Achievements – Future
Touradj Ebrahimi Security and Trust in social media networks
Tiejun Huang DMP Brainstorming – Smarter DASH
Sanghyun Joo Proposal on Management of User Info. in DMP
Panos Kudumakis MPEG-M: What’s Next?
Mark Sandler Semantic media for DMP meeting
Youneng Xiao Proposal of TVOS to DMP

Bacause of too many proposals the meeting was unable to produce the shortlist of activities. Therefore it was decided to reconvene in Valencia on 2014/03/29.