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Why is there a battle around MPEG?

View powerpoint presentation MPEG is known for a variety of reasons. It is the group that carried over analogue television and made it digital, multiplying by orders of magnitude the number of channels, it opened the way to new business models for audio, it enabled carriage of digital media on the internet, added media to the mobile experience, is poised to make immersive media real and genomics affordable, and more. MPEG achieved these goals – and keeps on setting, working…

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Strategic planning for MPEG

In Leonardo: who I am, what I did so far and what I plan to do next, I have given some information on myself and listed my challenges in standardisation. In this article I intend to provide some more details about the challenges of a strategic planning for an organisation as special as MPEG. This is the list Uphold the role of MPEG as the unmastered and non-discriminatory source of digital media standards Expand the use of MPEG standards to…

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Leonardo: who I am, what I did so far and what I plan to do next

I have written this article because I thought that, at this particular juncture, it would be useful to tell more about myself. I assume I am not unknown to quite a few people, but I think that it could be useful to put in a succinct form some information that summarises the responses to the who and what in the title. Not that such information is “hidden”. Over the years I did spend some time to document some of the…

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The value of MPEG standards

Introduction MPEG can certainly be proud of the valuable standards it has produced: MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC, MPEG-4 File Format and, more recently HEVC, MMT, DASH and many more. Why are MPEG standards valuable and what can we do to add more value to them? Why are MPEG standards valuable? There is no single answer to this question. So, let’s analyse the causes that make MPEG standards valuable. While we are at it. later we wik let’s also analyse why…

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Design and build the future of MPEG

Established in 1988, the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) has produced some 180 standards in the area of efficient distribution on broadcast, broadband, mobile and physical media, and consum­ption of digital moving pictures and audio, both conventional and immersive, using analysis, compression and trans­port technologies. It has also produced 5 standards for efficient storage, processing and delivery of genomic data. With its membership of ~1500 registered and ~600 attending experts, MPEG has produced more standards than any other JTC 1…

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Another view at MPEG’s strengths and weaknesses

Introduction In No one is perfect, but some are more accomplished than others I have started a 360 ⁰ analysis of MPEG strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats considering the Context in which MPEG operates, the Scope of MPEG standards and the Business model of the industries using MPEG standards. Subsequently, in More MPEG Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats I have considered the Membership, the organisational Structure and the Leadership. In this article I would like to continue the SWOT analysis…

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