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MPAI issues Call for Technologies: MPAI Metaverse Model – Architecture

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14 June, Geneva. The 33rd MPAI General Assembly approves the Call for Technologies and 3 supporting documents on “MPAI Metaverse Model (MPAI-MMM) – Architecture”. An online presentation will be made on 23 June at 08 and 15 UTC. Register for the first ( and for the second ( presentation.

MPAI has already published two Technical Reports on Functionalities and Functionality Profiles of the MPAI Metaverse Model. MPAI is now kicking off an ambitious plan to develop a Technical Specification of the MPAI Metaverse Model – Architecture ( A comparable project has so far not been attempted by a standards body. The first step of the plan is the publication of the Call for Technologies, as mandated by the MPAI standard development process.

Three documents are attached to the Call: the first is Use Cases and Functional Requirements. It includes a reference to some thirty metaverse use cases explored by MPAI, a set of Functionalities that MPAI-MMM – Architecture should provide, and the functional requirements of the MPAI-MMM – Architecture key elements: Processes (running in the metaverse), Actions (performed by Processes), Items (i.e., data structures acted upon by Processes) and Data Types (referenced by Actions and Items). Note that the Call does not concern the Item data formats.

The second document is the Framework Licence designed to facilitate the timely access to IP that is essential to implement the planned MPAI-MMM – Architecture standard. Finally, the third document is a response template that respondents to the Call may wish to use in their responses.

Responses are due by the 10th of July. Anybody may respond to the Call. However, non-members should join MPAI to participate in the development of the MPAI-MMM – Architecture standard. The second 2023 semester is about to start with membership fees cut by half.