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MPAI kicks off the MPAI Metaverse Model

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On the 3rd of January 2023 MPAI has posted the MPAI Metaverse Model (MMM) calling for comments and contributions until the 23rd of January. The MMM is a proposal for a method to develop Metaverse standards. It is based on an experience honed during decades of digital media standardisation that seeks to accommodate the extreme heterogeneity of industries all needing a common technology complemented by industry specificities.

You can see the recording of the online presentation and the PowerPoint file:

YouTubeNon-YouTubeThe MPAI Metaverse Model WD0.5

The MMM is not just a proposal of a method. It also includes a roadmap and implements the first steps of it. The steps of the roadmap are not intended to be

The table below indicates the steps. Steps 1 to 4 are ongoing and included in the MMM. Step 5 has started.

1Terms and DefinitionsA set of interconnected and consistent set of terms and definitions.
2AssumptionsA set of assumptions guiding the development of metaverse standards, starting from:

  1. Collect functionalities.
  2. Develop the Common Metaverse Specifications (CMS) .
  3. Establish industry-specific profiles based on CMS technologies.
3Use CasesA set of 18 use cases with workflows used to develop metaverse functionalities.
4External ServicesPotentially used by a metaverse instance to develop metaverse functionalities.
5Functional ProfilesDevelop profiles that reference functionalities included in the MMM, not technologies.
6Metaverse ArchitectureDevelop a metaverse architecture with functional blocks and data exchanged between blocks.
7Functional Requirements of Data FormatDevelop functional requirements of the data formats exchanged between blocks.
8CMS Table of ContentsIdentify and organise all technologies required to support the MMM functionalities.
9MPAI standardsEnter MPAI standards relevant to the metaverse into the CMS Table of Contents.