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MPAI reaches a milestone: five Standards and three Calls for Technologies

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The MPAI mission as defined by the MPAI Statutes is the promotion of efficient data use by developing AI-enabled data coding standards and bridging the gap between MPAI standards and their practical use through the development of Intellectual Property Rights Guidelines.

Establishing and putting in motion an organisation with this ambitious mission was a challenge, however, in its first 15 months MPAI published five standards, on audio, speech, finance, execution of AI apps, and ecosystem governance. In the following year, it obtained “adoption without modification” of four of the five standards as IEEE standards (the IEEE 3300 series). Earlier this year MPAI published its sixth standard, on neural network watermarking.

On the 23rd of August, MPAI reached another milestone by publishing five standards for Community Comments (the final step before publication) – two as extensions of already approved (V1) standards, execution of AI apps and speech, and three on new areas, avatars, connected autonomous vehicles, and metaverse. On the same occasion, MPAI issued three Calls for Technologies, on health, object and scene description, and XR venues.

MPAI is engaged in making the community aware of these publications and has commenced a series of online presentations. The first – on 1st September 2023 – was on MPAI-Metaverse Model – Architecture, a standard for a novel “functional” approach to metaverse interoperability. Video recordings of the presentation have been posted on YouTube and WimTV

MPAI will continue presenting on the documents according to the schedule of Table 1 (Deadline indicates the last time to submit a comment or a proposal):

Call for TechnologiesLinkPresentationDeadline
AI for Health Data (AIH)XSep 08 08 & 15Oct 19
Object and Scene Description (OSD)XSep 07 09 & 16Sep 20
XR Venues – Live Theatrical Stage Performance (XRV)XSep 12 07 & 17Nov 20
Standard for Community CommentsPresentationDeadline
MPAI Metaverse Model – Architecture (MMM)XSep 01 08 & 15Sep 21
Multimodal Conversation (MMC) V2XSep 05 08 & 15Sep 25
Connected Autonomous Vehicles – Architecture (CAV)XSep 06 08 & 15Sep 26
Avatar Representation and Animation (ARA)XSep 07 08 & 15Sep 27
AI Framework (AIF) V2XSep 11 08 & 15Sep 24