WimLabs announces release of MAVD – Torino (IT). 2012/06/25

WimLabs announces release of “Market for Audio-Visual in the Digital domain” (MAVD), an ICT platform for in house or cloud-based use.
MAVD is targeted to the needs of companies with sizeable audio-visual archives which need to promote and economically exploit their assets in a B2B market.
Many such companies are unable to extract value from them and, if they do, they most likely have to sustain very high costs.
A MAVD istallation offers its users five types of functionality:

  • Archivist uploads and describes audio-visual assets with appropriate metadata
  • Seller manages contacts with customers, sales, payment and invoicing
  • Publisher makes available samples of video for visitors to watch
  • Buyer interacts online or offline with Seller to acquire videos of his interest
  • Admin manages accounts and system-wide metadata.

Interested people can open trial MAVD accounts with email or skype support to have a first hand experience of the manyfold and innovative functionalities of the platform and the substantial benefits they can bring.
Please see a MAVD overview.

WimLabs announces release of WimVod – Torino (IT), 2012/05/29

WimLabs announces release 1.0 of WimTV, dubbed WimVod. Now distributors of “on demand” video content (Web TV) can offer individual pay and subscription content and have each revenue immediately accredited to the WebTV’s PayPal account. WimLabs does not require a minimum revenue to enable revenue sharing.
WimTV offers to the manifold components of the audio-visual world at all levels – amateur, professional and corporate – an environment where new business relationships can be easily established and profitably exploited with no investments in devices and technologies and without delegating a share of their business to other players, often with a conflict of interest.
WimTV is a neutral entity that offers services with which operators can augment the value of their offer by interacting, more easily and on a equal footing. By optimising their relationships operators ca, on the one hand, obtain remuneration of their professional roles and, on the other, provide end user with the best choice of content.
Please see an overview of WimTV and the specific WimVod functionalities.

Leonardo runs the “MPEG 100 event”, Geneva (CH), 2012/05/02

Leonardo runs the “MPEG 100 event” to celebrate the 100th MPEG meeting and a close to a quarter of century of activity dedicated to digital media standards.

The event saw the participation of

  • Rob Steele (Secretary General, ISO)
  • Frank Kitzantides (SMB Past Chairman, IEC)
  • Malcolm Johnson (Director, ITU-T)
  • Francis Gurry (Director General, WIPO)
  • Karen Higginbottom (Chairman, JTC 1)
  • Kotaro Asai (Chairman, SC 29).