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The Genie that makes entertainment great

(By Dr. Jon Peddie PE, President, Jon Peddie Research, Tiburon, CA) Every time you watch a video or listen to music on your phone, computer, or TV, you use a data compressor-decompressor called a CODEC. By compressing the data representing the content you’re interested in, more people can use the already crowded networks we rely on every day, all day. The primary CODEC in use today is MPEG – the Moving Picture Experts Group. It has served us well since…

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A funeral oration over the dead body of MPEG

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Friends, world citizens, lend me your ears; I come to bury MPEG, not to praise him. The evil that men do lives after them; The good is oft interred with their bones; So let it be with MPEG. The noble ISO Hath told you MPEG was ambitious: If it were so, it was a grievous fault, And grievously hath MPEG answer'd it. Here, under leave of ISO and the rest For ISO is an honourable man; So are they all,…

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One year ago – an idea is born

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19 July 2020:  the idea of MPAI Moving Picture, Audio and Data Coding by Artificial Intelligence has a twofold mission: to develop standards for compression of video, audio and data, and to bridge the gap between its standards and their practical use. 19 July 2021: MPAI is not just an idea This is how far we’ve come MPAI established as a formal organisation based in Geneva 40 members Standard development process adopted 10 standards projects under way 4 standards under development…

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The MPEG special forces: subgroups

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MPEG started as a group tasked to develop a standard for interactive video on compact disc (CD). That was the great idea to make a standard that made sense. Telcos were not providing meaningful access to broadband. At most, you could get 64 kbit/s. Even today, after 30+ years of impetuous progress in compression, you don’t get much from a 64 kbit/s video. Therefore, for years and years, the videotelephone and videoconference business stagnated. Developing a standard for a consumer-application…

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The very first steps of MPEG

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We could define MPEG, when it moved its first steps, as an enfant prodige. Born on the 29th of January 1988, it was christened on the 10th of May 1988 when it held the first meeting in Ottawa, ON. The second and third meeting were held in September, the second in Turin, the cradle of the MPEG idea and the third in London. Why prodige? Because MPEG addressed some of the issues that the ITU-T (then CCITT) had been unable or…

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The birth of the MPEG star

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A star comes to light when the nuclei of the light elements atoms undergo fusion because of the enormous gravity force to which they are subjected. This process is also a fair description of how MPEG came to light as we will see in a moment from a summary of chapter 12 Think local, act global of the book Even the stars die. The history of communication standards is littered with competing technologies that became the rallying points of competing…

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