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Seven good reasons to join MPAI

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MPAI, the international, unaffiliated, non-profit organisation developing AI-based data coding standards with clear Intellectual Property Rights licensing frameworks, is now offering those wishing to join MPAI the opportunity to start their 2023 membership two months in advance, from the 1st of November 2022.

Here are six more good reasons why you should join MPAI now.

  1. In a matter of months after its establishment in September 2020, MPAI has developed 5 standards. Now it is working to extend 3 of them (AI Framework, Context-based Audio Enhancement, and Multimodal Conversation), and to develop 2 new standards (Neural Network Watermarking and Avatar Representation and Animation). More in the latest press release.
  2. MPAI enforces a rigorous standards development process and offers an open route to convert – without modification – its specifications to IEEE standards. Four MPAI standards – AI Framework (P3301), Context-based Audio Enhancement (P3302), Compression and Understanding of Industrial Data (P3303), and Multimodal Conversation (P3304) – are expected to become IEEE standards in a matter of weeks,.
  3. MPAI has proved that AI-based standards in disparate technology areas – execution of AI application, audio, speech, natural language processing, and financial data – can be developed in a timely manner. It is currently developing standards for avatar representation and animation, and neural network watermarking. More projects are in the pipeline in health, connected autonomous vehicles, short-medium and long-term video coding, online gaming, extended reality venues, and the metaverse.
  4. MPAI role extends from an environment to develop standards to a stepping stone to make its standards practically and timely usable. In a matter of months after standard approval, patent holders have already selected a patent pool administrator for some MPAI standards.
  5. MPAI is the root of trust of an ecosystem specified by its Governance of the MPAI Ecosystem grafted on its standards development process. The ecosystem includes a Registration Authority where implementers can get identifiers for their implementations, and the MPAI Store, a not-for-profit entity with the mission to test the security and conformance of implementations, make them available for download and publish their performance as reported by MPAI-appointed Performance Assessors.
  6. MPAI works on leading-edge technologies and its members have  already been given many opportunities to publish the results of their research and standard development results at conferences and in journals.

Joining MPAI is easy. Send to the MPAI Secretariat the application form, the signed Statutes and a copy of the bank transfer of 480/2400 EUR for associate/principal membership.

Join the fun – Build the future!