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Towards Pervasive and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence

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Building on the successful development of 5 major AI-based data coding standards 15 months after coming into life, MPAI has published the book “Towards Pervasive and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence: How standards can put a great technology at the service of humankind”.

For the authors, representatives of the articulated MPAI world, it has been quite an effort but rewarded by the sight of the published book.

In its 110 B5 pages the book offers:

  1. A summary of the reasons that have led to the creation of MPAI.
  2. An analysis of the promises but also the potential dangers of AI.
  3. An overview of Machine Learning and Neural Network technologies.
  4. A state of the art of data coding in some of the fields addressed by MPAI:
    1. Speaking humans and machines
    2. Visual humans and machines
    3. Humans conversing with machines
    4. Audio for humans
    5. Video for humans and machines
    6. Data for machines
  5. An introduction to the measures Europe, USA and China are taking to regulate AI.
  6. A description of the why we need, how we implement and what are the benefits of the AI Framework.
  7. A brief introduction to some of the key applications supported by the first MPAI standards:
    1. Conversation with emotion
    2. Conversation about an object
    3. Feature-preserving speech translation
    4. Emotion enhanced speech
    5. Speech restoration system
    6. Audio recording preservation
    7. Enhanced audioconference experience
    8. Company performance prediction
  8. An explanation of what is an MPAI standard, a collection of:
    1. Technical Specification.
    2. Reference Software.
    3. Conformance Testing.
    4. Performance Assessment.
  9. A presentation of some of the technologies already standardised by MPAI:
    1. Emotion
    2. Intention
    3. Meaning
    4. Speech features
    5. Microphone array geometry
    6. Audio scene geometry
  10. Some words about the “fuel” and the “machine” that drives MPAI standardisation.
  11. The plan adopted by MPAI to govern its sophisticated ecosystem.
  12. MPAI’s views of the vital role of patents and how it can be preserved.
  13. An anticipation of the coming MPAI standards:
    1. AI-enhanced video coding.
    2. End-to-end video coding.
    3. Server-based predictive multiplayer gaming.
    4. Connected autonomous vehicles.
    5. Conversation about a scene.
    6. Mixed-reality collaborative spaces.
    7. Audio on the go.
  14. The 7 impacts MPAI standardisation are expected to have on industry, innovation and users.

What should be expected from this book?

  • You, an opportunity to benefit yourself from the hard work of some 20 people distilling the most important information generated in the last 15 months by MPAI and also to share the opportunity with friends.
  • MPAI, the opportunity to welcome more of you on board this exciting initiative.
  • Me, the unique experience of working with outstanding people in the editing of the book.
  • All, best wishes for the coming holydays!

The book is available on Amazon Publishing in electronic form at The price is 3.05 $. The paper version will follow soon.