WimLabs announces release of MAVD – Torino (IT). 2012/06/25

WimLabs announces release of “Market for Audio-Visual in the Digital domain” (MAVD), an ICT platform for in house or cloud-based use.
MAVD is targeted to the needs of companies with sizeable audio-visual archives which need to promote and economically exploit their assets in a B2B market.
Many such companies are unable to extract value from them and, if they do, they most likely have to sustain very high costs.
A MAVD istallation offers its users five types of functionality:

  • Archivist uploads and describes audio-visual assets with appropriate metadata
  • Seller manages contacts with customers, sales, payment and invoicing
  • Publisher makes available samples of video for visitors to watch
  • Buyer interacts online or offline with Seller to acquire videos of his interest
  • Admin manages accounts and system-wide metadata.

Interested people can open trial MAVD accounts with email or skype support to have a first hand experience of the manyfold and innovative functionalities of the platform and the substantial benefits they can bring.
Please see a MAVD overview.