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Making AI systems explainable

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Introduction AI systems have typically been trained. Humans, too, are trained. However, it may happen that, in spite one's effort to train a pupil according to strict moral principles, he turns out to be a libertine in life. An illustrious, so to speak, example, is Iosip Stalin who, from a catholic seminarist in Georgia turned into something else. AI systems, typically do not possess the freedom to evolve beyond their training. Therefore, trained AI systems carry the imprint of their…

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Three minutes to know all that you wanted to know about MPAI

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The ridge between two ages For 30 years smart use of data processing has reduced the enormous amount of data generated by audio and video to manageable levels, but 30 years later, the spirit that has produced those uniquely innovative and successful standards as MP3, digital television, audio and video on the internet, DASH and so much more has waned. MPAI – Moving pictures, audio and data coding by Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the organisation that has that spirit and…

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MPAI: where it is, where it is going

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Some 50 days after having been announced, MPAI was established as a not-for-profit organisation with the mission to develop data coding standards with an associated mechanism designed to facilitate the creation of licences. Some 150 days have passed since its establishment. Where is MPAI in its journey to accomplish its missions? Creating an organisation that would execute the mission in 50 days was an achievement, but the next goal of giving the organisation the means to accomplish its mission was…

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MPAI standards and AI explainability

Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers great advantages to humans because an appropriately designed AI system can perform tasks that humans may not wish or be able to do, in ways that have degrees of similarity to what humans do. Advances of AI promise to continuously improve AI system performance. In the early 1940's, science fiction writer Isaac Asimov devised the three laws a robot must obey: 1. don't injure a human or allow a human to be injured, 2. obey a…

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The MPAI machine has started

Introduction When the MPAI web site opened it was a challenging time for a new initiative: 19th of July was in the middle of summer holidays for some and the beginning for others. That did not matter so much, however, because the idea of combining a focus on AI for data coding and the proposal to rejuvenate the decades-old FRAND declaration process proved to be too attractive an amalgam. A group of dedicated people working in unceasing rhythm produced the…

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