Leonardo speaks at “Young people and Digital Creativity” Forum – Vigevano (IT), 2013/06/06

Leonardo speaks at Vigevano Castle on “Digital media for a diffuse digital media entrepreneurship” making the following arguments

  1. The dilemma of creativity:
    1. I believe my work has value, but how can I make myself known?
    2. I am know, but how can I transform notoriety into remuneration?
    3. How can I add entrepreneurial value to others’ creativity?
    4. How do human-to-human relationships map to the digital world?
    5. I have a business idea: should I develop my technology or rely on someone else’s technology?
  2. Remember:
    1. caveat emptor
    2. read the fine print: you may discover that content is no longer yours
  3. We need a Copernican revolution through a platform that lets you
    1. ——Define your business model
    2. —Define your role(s)
    3. —Import your content keeping all rights
    4. —Describe your content to make them exploitable
    5. Grant others rights to your content
    6. —Protect your content for distribution
    7. Define your revenue models
    8. perform economic transactions at low cost
    9. —Obtain event statistics
    10. —Access the platform functionalities programmatically (App)
  4. And, most importantly
    1. The platform manager should not be your competitor