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Finally: a conference highlights the synergy of Metaverse and AI

Shanghai, a humongous city of 30 million people, traditionally the commercial heart of China, and many things more has hosted the Global AI Conference 2023 conference, a cluster of events held at different locations of the city. I was invited to give two keynote speeches in two sessions that had metaverse and AI as title. Here I will introduce my second speech whose content was largely influenced by my perceived need to promote understanding of the role of interoperability in…

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Leonardo speaks at Kurukshetra 14 – Chennai (IN), 2014/01/31

Kurukshetra is the name of one of the fiercest and bloodiest wars in India. The College of Engineering, Anna University, Guindy has given the name of Kurukshetra to a "battle of brains" where students fight for their ideas. Leonardo gave a talk where he applauded this initiative, very much in line with the spirit of MPEG where the rule is that ideas should prevail based on their strength, not because there is an assembly line making products.

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Leonardo speaks at “Comunicare Digitale” – Lucca (IT), 2013/06/07

Leonardo speaks at Lucca Ducal Palace highlighting the role of MPEG as THE provider of standard technologies for digital communication. MPEG is a standards group but operates like a company. It developes products (standards) in the expectation that its customers (the members of the digital media industry) will buy (use) them. Like any other successful company some MPEG products are hugely successful, some are notices and some are disregarded. MPEG assesses the success or otherwise of its products as much as…

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