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Leonardo is interviewed on HADOPI Law, 2009/11/29

Leonardo's statement to a reporter: The HADOPI law is an example of a problem that is real but ill-formulated and worse solved. the fact that immaterial goods can be manipulated with greater freedom does not imply that the laws that used to guarantee the property rights of those goods should be cancelled, but only updated to adjust their use to the new freedom. It iss just ironical that the country that two centuries ago has generated the "Declaration of the…

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Leonardo is upset by approval of HADOPI, 2009/06/13

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The French Sénat finally approves the so-called HADOPI (Haute Autorité pour la Diffusion des Œuvres et la Protection des droits sur Internet) law. Leonardo is particularly upset by it not so much because an internet user who has been caught three times illegally handling copyrighted content sees his internet connection severed, but because someone must have access to the content of the private communication of the internet user to make those assessments. Leonardo fears that something similar to the HADOPI…

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