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Time to join MPAI

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Are there serious reasons to be part of the Moving Picture, Audio and Data Coding by Artificial Intelligence?

The latest is the fact that, starting from the 20th of November 2021, a legal entity or a representative of an academic department who are able to contribute to the the development of Technical Specifications can join MPAI now and have their membership extended until the end of 2022.

This, however, is more an opportunity to accelerate the decision to joinMPAI, because there are other substantive reasons:

  1. Data coding is a very important technology area.
  2. Standards accelerate technology exploitation into products.
  3. AI is the technology with the highest potential to yield high-performance solutions.
  4. MPEG has shown that standards should be developed by applying technology across the board and MPAI is the only standards organisation doing so for AI-based data coding.
  5. MPEG has shown that standards should be accessible and MPAI applies the practice of making available Framework Licences to accelerate accessibility to its standards.
  6. MPAI has solid foundations, experience and a rigorous standards-development process.
  7. MPAI addresses high-profile areas: AI framework, audio enhancement, human-machine conversation, prediction of company performance, video coding, online gaming, autonomous vehicles and more.
  8. MPAI is productive: in 15 months it has developed 3 standards (governance, human-machine conversation and company performance prediction), by end of year it will complete 2 standards (AI framework and audio enhancement) and has 7 more standards in the pipeline.
  9. MPAI standards are viral: products conforming to MPAI standards are already present on the market.
  10. MPAI develops methods to assess the level of conformance and reliability of standard implementations, including methods ensuring that implementations are bias-free.
  11. MPAI plans on establishing MPAI Store, a not-for-profit commercial organisation with the task to test implementations for security and conformance, and verify they are bias-free.

Join the fun, build the future!