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Can MPEG overcome its Video “crisis”?

In an earlier post I described the “crisis” and how it was created, and hinted at possible ways to solve this crisis and avoid possible other future crises in other areas. As I remain skeptical that the crisis will be overcome, I want to remove any doubt about who should be blamed for the failure, certainly not MPEG. About ISO (and IEC) The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), is an international non-intergovernmental organisation, made up of members from the national standards…

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A crisis, the causes and a solution

Why this post? Because there are rumours spreading about a presumed “MPEG-Video collapse” and Brownian motion-like initiatives trying to remedy – in some cases by the very people who have contributed to creating the “crisis”. Who is the author of this post? Leonardo Chiariglione, the founder and chairman of MPEG, but I am writing in a personal capacity. Why is MPEG important? In its 30 years of operation MPEG has created digital media standards that have enabled the birth and…

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The future of Europe: taming national states

I want my standing to be clear: at the age of 16 I was distributing European propaganda leaflets to my classmates. The decades since then did not pass in vain, but my position has not substantially changed. I would also like to tell you how I tackled mykids’ education: I spoke English to them, but in the family I spoke the local Piedmontese dialect. Why? Because I thought – and think – that we belong to a greater whole whose de…

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Compression – the technology for the digital age

Table of contents Introduction A little bit of history Video and audio generate a lot of bits More challenges for the future Even ancient digital media need compression There are no limits to the use of compression A bright future, or maybe not Acknowledgements Introduction People say that ours is the digital age. Indeed, most of the information around us is in digital form and we can expect that what is not digital now will soon be converted to that form. But…

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On my Charles F. Jenkins Lifetime Achievement Award

In a press release today the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences announced that I have been selected to receive the Charles F. Jenkins Lifetime Achievement Award, "a special engineering honor to an individual whose contributions over time have significantly affected the state of television technology and engineering". I should be happy to see the recognition of 30 years of work dedicated to making real the vision of humans finally free to communicate without barriers and sharing more and more…

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Standards for the present and the future

It is hard to talk sensibly to the general public about standards. It is a pity because standards are important as they ensure e.g. that nuts match with bolts, paper sheets feed into printers, music files play on handsets and a lot more. One reason is that standards are one of the most ethereal things on Earth as they concern interfaces between systems.  Another reason is that the many industries created by human endeavour have developed their own customs: what…

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