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Compression standards and quality go hand in hand

Introduction When I described the MPEG workflow in How does MPEG actually work? I highlighted the role of quality assessment across the entire MPEG standard life cycle: at the time of issuing a Call for Evidence (CfE) or a Call for Proposals (CfP), carrying out Core Experiments (CE) or executing Verification Tests. We should consider, however, that in 30 years the coverage of the word “media” has changed substantially. Originally (1989-90) the media types tested were Standard Definition (SD) 2D rectangular…

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Digging deeper in the MPEG work

Introduction In How does MPEG actually work? I described the “MPEG standards work flow” from a proposed an idea to the release of the corresponding standard and its verification. I also highlighted the key roleplayed by MPEG experts as the real makers of MPEG standards. In this article I would like to introduce the role played by the peculiar MPEG organisation and some of its members in facilitating the work of MPEG experts. The MPEG membership MPEG operates in the framework…

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MPEG communicates

Introduction MPEG standards are great communication tools and MPEG itself is – or tries to be – a good communicator, of course using all available media. This article is for those who want to be informed about MPEG, without having to digest one of its handy 500-page standards ? MPEG web site Almost everything that will be mentioned in this post can be found, not necessarily in an easy way, in the MPEG web page: press releases, MPEG column, video…

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How does MPEG actually work?

Introduction In Life inside MPEG I have described the breadth, complexity and interdependence of the  work program managed by the MPEG ecosystem that has fed the digital media industry for the last 30 years. I did not mention, however, the actual amount of work developed by MPEG experts during an MPEG meeting. Indeed, at every meeting, the majority of work items listed in the post undergo a review prompted by member submissions. At the Macau meeting in October 2018, there were…

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Life inside MPEG

Introduction In my earlier post 30 years of MPEG, and counting? I brought evidence of what MPEG has done in the last 30 years to create the broadcast, recording, web and mobile digital media world that we know. This document tries to make the picture more complete by looking at the current main activities and deliveries in the next few months/years. The MPEG work plan at a glance The figure below shows the main standards developed or under development by MPEG…

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Data Compression Technologies – A FAQ

This post attempts to answer some of the most frequent questions received on the proposed ISO Data Compression Technologies Technical Committee (DCT TC). See here and here. If you have a question drop an email to Q: What is the difference between MPEG and DCT? A: Organisation-wise MPEG is a Working Group (WG), reporting to a Subcommittee (SC), reporting to a Technical Committee (TC), reporting to the Technical Management Board (TMB). Another important difference is that a WG makes…

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