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Leonardo is interviewed on HADOPI Law, 2009/11/29

Leonardo's statement to a reporter: The HADOPI law is an example of a problem that is real but ill-formulated and worse solved. the fact that immaterial goods can be manipulated with greater freedom does not imply that the laws that used to guarantee the property rights of those goods should be cancelled, but only updated to adjust their use to the new freedom. It iss just ironical that the country that two centuries ago has generated the "Declaration of the…

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Leonardo on “broadband” – 2009/11/09

Some think that engineers are needed to undo the confusion created by others. As an engineer I note that the current use of the term "broadband" is most confusing. Depending on countries, people, context, it can mean anything from 2 Mbit/s asymmetric to 100 Mbit/s symmetric access. The low end of "broadband" can be obtained with a judicious use of existing infrastructure, but various degrees of new infrastructure is required for the high end. Is it too much to ask…

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The 90th MPEG meeting in Xi'an attended by 300+ experts. Remarkable achievements are A set of documents on Advanced IPTV Terminal Approval of MPEG-V FCD Approval of Video Signature Tools FPDAM Planning for a second MPEG Media Transport workshop in Kyoto Publication of the Draft Call for Proposals on High Performance Video Coding Start of a new MPEG-U part on Advanced User Interaction Interface Read the Xi'an MPEG press release

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Leonardo closes the 23rd DMP meeting, 2009/09/26

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The 23rd DMP meeting has approved the Open Media Marketplace (OMM) project. Look at the first set of documents Rationale for and objectives of the Open Media Marketplace project Primitive Services for the Open Media Marketplace Primitive Functions for the Open Media Marketplace Terminology of the Open Media Marketplace Use Cases and Requirements of the Open Media Marketplace

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