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MPAI basics

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What it is MPAI – Moving Picture, Audio and Data Coding is an unaffiliated, non-profit, international association with the mission to develop data coding standards, predominantly using Artificial Intelligence. The MPAI Manifesto summarises the MPAI distinctive features. The main MPAI target is “data coding” that MPAI defines as the transformation of data from a given representation to an equivalent one more suited to a specific application, e.g., compression or semantics extraction. How it works MPAI develops standards using a rigorous…

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Even the stars die – A guided tour

The Even the stars die is a book available on Amazon in electronic and paper form. It has several goals: To connect MPEG’s digital media standardisation with the traditional media standardisation To disclose why and how MPEG was conceived and the inside story of the first three “heroic” standards – MPEG-1, -2 and -4 To study the work done in some of the most important areas: video, audio, systems etc. To describe some of the unique MPEG characteristics To analyse the…

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Even the stars die – Preface

The book “Even the stars die - The history of MPEG and how it made digital media happen has been published on Amazon ( In summary, the book tells the story of how MPEG engineered the transformation of analogue media, how it fostered the development of digital media, how it was terminated and how its spirit continues in the field of data coding by Artificial Intelligence through MPAI. In this post I will publish the preface of the book. Full…

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Making AI systems explainable

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Introduction AI systems have typically been trained. Humans, too, are trained. However, it may happen that, in spite one's effort to train a pupil according to strict moral principles, he turns out to be a libertine in life. An illustrious, so to speak, example, is Iosip Stalin who, from a catholic seminarist in Georgia turned into something else. AI systems, typically do not possess the freedom to evolve beyond their training. Therefore, trained AI systems carry the imprint of their…

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Three minutes to know all that you wanted to know about MPAI

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The ridge between two ages For 30 years smart use of data processing has reduced the enormous amount of data generated by audio and video to manageable levels, but 30 years later, the spirit that has produced those uniquely innovative and successful standards as MP3, digital television, audio and video on the internet, DASH and so much more has waned. MPAI – Moving pictures, audio and data coding by Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the organisation that has that spirit and…

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