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MPAI standards and AI explainability

Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers great advantages to humans because an appropriately designed AI system can perform tasks that humans may not wish or be able to do, in ways that have degrees of similarity to what humans do. Advances of AI promise to continuously improve AI system performance. In the early 1940's, science fiction writer Isaac Asimov devised the three laws a robot must obey: 1. don't injure a human or allow a human to be injured, 2. obey a…

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The MPAI machine has started

Introduction When the MPAI web site opened it was a challenging time for a new initiative: 19th of July was in the middle of summer holidays for some and the beginning for others. That did not matter so much, however, because the idea of combining a focus on AI for data coding and the proposal to rejuvenate the decades-old FRAND declaration process proved to be too attractive an amalgam. A group of dedicated people working in unceasing rhythm produced the…

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Better information from data What is data Data can be defined as the digital representation of an entity. The entity can have different attributes: physical, virtual, logical or other. A river may be represented by its length, its average width, its max, min, average flow, the coordinates of its bed from the source to its mouth and so on. Typically, different data of an entity are captured depending on the intended use of the data. If the use of a river data is…

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