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Which company would dare to do it?

To get an explanation of the question in the title and an answer, the reader of this article should read the first 5 chapters. If in a hurry, the reader can jump here. MPEG is synonym of growth Manage growth with organisation MPEG does not only make, but “sells” standards A different approach to standards Interoperability is not just for commercials Time to answer the question MPEG is synonym of growth MPEG is a unique group in the way it has…

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The birth of an MPEG standard idea

From what I have published so far on this blog it should be clear that MPEG is an unusual ISO working group (WG). To mention a few, duration (31 years), early use of ICT (online document management system in use since 1995), size (1500 experts registered and 500 attending), organisation (the way the work of 500 experts work on multiple projects), number of standards produced (more than any other JTC 1 subcommittee), impact on the industry (1 T$ in devices…

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More MPEG Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

Introduction In its MPEG and JPEG as SCs proposal, MPEG Future proposes that MPEG become a subcommittee to improve collaboration with other bodies, establish a clear reference in ISO for the digital media industry, enhance group's governance and more. The obvious question to MPEG Future concerns MPEG’s adequacy for the new role. The first answer to this question is that, in its original proposal, the Italian National Body UNI has already carried out a SWOT (Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats) analysis. In No one is…

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The MPEG Future Manifesto

Communication makes us humans different. Media make communication between humans effective and enjoyable. Standards make media communication possible. Thirty-two years ago, the MPEG vision was forming: make global standards available to allow industry to provide devices and services for the then emerging digital media so that humans could communicate seamlessly. For thirty-two years the MPEG standards group has lived up to the MPEG vision: MPEG standards are behind the relentless growth of many industries – some of them created by…

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What is MPEG doing these days?

It is a now a few months since I last talked about the standards being developed  by MPEG. As the group dynamics is fast, I think it is time to make an update about the main areas of standardisation: Video, Audio, Point Clouds, Fonts, Neural Networks, Genomic data, Scene description, Transport, File Format and API. You will also find a few words on three exploration that MPEG is making Video Coding for Machines MPEG-21 contracts to smart contracts Machine tool data.…

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MPEG is a big thing. Can it be bigger?

Introduction Having become the enabler of a market of devices and services worth 1.5 T$ p.a., MPEG is a big achievement, but is that a climax or the starting point aiming at new highs? This is a natural question to ask for a group that calls itself “MPEG Future”. The future is still to be written and the success of MPEG will largely depend on the ability of those who attempt to write it. This article will try and analyse…

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