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Making AI systems explainable

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Introduction AI systems have typically been trained. Humans, too, are trained. However, it may happen that, in spite one's effort to train a pupil according to strict moral principles, he turns out to be a libertine in life. An illustrious, so to speak, example, is Iosip Stalin who, from a catholic seminarist in Georgia turned into something else. AI systems, typically do not possess the freedom to evolve beyond their training. Therefore, trained AI systems carry the imprint of their…

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Toward the first anniversary of the MPEG death

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1 Introduction For 32 years, MPEG was a unique player in the standardisation space. Contrary to what had been the rule in previous decades, instead of being variously subdivided and controlled by governments, countries, industries and companies, media standards were autonomously developed with high quality and in a timely fashion by a group – MPEG – that was impervious to external influences and did not practically report to anybody. That was true for, say, the first quarter of century of…

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Three minutes to know all that you wanted to know about MPAI

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The ridge between two ages For 30 years smart use of data processing has reduced the enormous amount of data generated by audio and video to manageable levels, but 30 years later, the spirit that has produced those uniquely innovative and successful standards as MP3, digital television, audio and video on the internet, DASH and so much more has waned. MPAI – Moving pictures, audio and data coding by Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the organisation that has that spirit and…

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MPAI consolidates the development of three AI-based data coding standards

Geneva, Switzerland – 14 April 2021. At its 7th General Assembly, the international, unaffiliated Moving Picture, Audio and Data Coding by Artificial Intelligence (MPAI) standards association has received substantial proposals in response to its two Calls for Technologies on Enhanced Audio and Multimodal Conversation that closed on the 12th of April. Meanwhile the development of its foundational AI Framework standard is steadily progressing targeting July 2021 for delivery of the standard. The goal of the the AI Framework standard, nicknamed…

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Why the MPAI way is the only way

Research, business and society are gradually coming to realise that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not just another generation of data processing technologies. It is a powerful set of pervasive technologies impacting the way individuals and society have behaved creating a set of customers, rules and laws governing their life and organisation. The article Artificial Intelligence Beyond Deep Neural Networks by Naga Rayapati, Forbes Councils Member is enlightening of the level of awareness achieved: Neural networks act as black boxes and…

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