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The MPEG to Industry Hall of fame

At the suggestion of Steve Morgan, THE [RE]DESIGN GROUP, I initiate a new “MPEG to Industry” Hall of fame complementing the MPEG Hall of fame where I highlighted those who helped make MPEG what it eventually became, besides standards development.

Suggestions are open. If you want to make a nomination please send an email to Leonardo adding the name of the nominee and a brief text explaining the contribution of the nominee to convert one or more MPEG standards into products.

[2020/07/15, Steve Morgan]

The honorable Mr. Jerry Pierce was responsible for helping Matsushita (aka Panasonic) establish the Digital Video Compression Center (DVCC), which was Hollywood’s first and foremost DVD Mastering facility.  During it’s 7 years if operations, DVCC released over 87% of Hollywood’s “A” titles on DVD.

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